Press release

Big brands get aboard analytica Lab Africa 2023

May 29, 2023

Top local and international exhibitors showcasing over 230 leading brands are set to participate in the upcoming analytica Lab Africa 2023, giving visitors an update on the latest trends and innovations in the world of lab technology, diagnostics and analysis solutions.

“There is a great deal of excitement around analytica Lab Africa returning after the lockdown hiatus, and we are looking forward to showcasing solutions from the biggest brands, all under one roof for three days. Stakeholders will also benefit from the event’s co-location with IFAT Africa, which will give participants opportunities to meet and network with up to 6,000 people across a broad value chain including water & waste, recycling and environmental technologies,” says Dain Richardson, Sales Associate for analytica Lab Africa.

Among the major enterprises participating in analytica Lab Africa this year is Silver Sponsor Lasec. Michael Furneaux, CEO of Lasec, says: “The Lasec Group provides cutting-edge biotechnology and general scientific products, including instrumentation and consumables, to laboratories ranging from food and beverage manufacturers to research institutions throughout Africa and developing nations worldwide. analytica Lab Africa allows us to engage with our customers, while showcasing our top-quality products and close relationships with our manufacturing partners. We look forward to seeing you there.”

Visitors to the Lasec pavilion will see the latest solutions from leading international brands including asecos, Radwag Balances and Scales, Copan, Lauda, Cole-Parmer, Norgen Biotek, Don Whitley Scientific, Greiner Bio-One, Labcon, VACUUBRAND, Haier Biomedical, Giorgio Bormac, Memmert, BestScope, and Gilson.

Exhibitors will also include Cell Path Services Pty Ltd, GUTH SA, Metrohm, Leco, Busch Vacuum Solutions, Qualikems Lifesciences, Labchem (Pty) Ltd, LLG, SMM, AES, CHEMETRIX EXPORT (PTY) LIMITED, Apex Scientific, BICS, Labrecycling, Dedicated Analytical Solutions, Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment (Pty) Ltd, SPECTRO - AMETEK, BIOMED HEALTHCARE, AQA Scientific, Innov-X Africa, Spectrometer Technologies, APTECH, Labotec, Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, 3F Scientic (Pty) Ltd, and Arihant Industries. With over 230 brands on show, the event offers a unique opportunity for buyers to compare and benchmark solutions and meet new vendors and suppliers.

analytica Lab Africa 2023 is part of Messe Muenchen’s worldwide network of exhibitions and the only trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and diagnostics in South Africa.

Running from 5-7 July at the Gallagher Convention Centre, analytica Lab Africa will feature a strong supporting programme of workshops and demonstrations.

Visitor registration is now open for analytica Lab Africa and IFAT Africa! Register here to visit free-of-charge:

Leading brands to be showcased include:

Myr Spain, Dakewe Medical Equipment, Pfm Medical, Cell Path UK, Vogel, Citotest, Poth Hille, Whirl-Pak, Keofitt, MILESTONE, BIOSYSTEMS, RESTEK, R.B. AUTOMAZIONE, GERSTEL, Pfeiffer, QUALIKEMS – Laboratory chemicals, QUALIKEMS – Food Grade chemicals, QUALIKEMS – Fine chemicals, Plastpro Scientific (Pty) Ltd, Kartell, Simport, Thermo Scientific, Boeco, Supertek, Gibertini, Microlit, Fisher Chemicals, Fisher Bioreagents, EPPENDORF, BRAND, BINDER, BÜRKLE, WHATMAN, MACHEREY & NAGEL, ASECOS, COLE PARMER, ESCO, HAMILTON, HETTICH, HELLMA, HEATHROW SCIENTIFIC, UVEX


RETSCH, WTW, REAGECON, Leica Biosystems, Skalar, Viavi, Specim Hyper Spectral Camera’s, Perkin Elmer Food systems, Meter Aqualab, Ankom, Brabender, Tagarno Imaging Systems, C Cell Food Imaging Systems, Wasserlab Water purification Systems, Agilent Technologies, Veolia Water Technologies, Ohaus, Raykol, Markes International, PAC, Pickering Laboratories, Gerstel, Oxford Instruments, Cinel, Axion, Being, Cryste, K-Lab, RAYPA, Vaisala, Wiggens, Kartel, Adam, Thermo Fisher, Whirlpak, Atago. Scientific Equipment, Lovibond, Hamilton, Merck, Leco, Sartorius, Schott Duran, Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo scientific, Varian, Perkin Elmer, Eppendorf, Velp, SI Analytics, OI Analytics, Erweka, Jasco, Microfluidics, Sympatec; Unity Scientific, AMS Alliance, Sightline, PCR Biosystems, Entegris, Alpha Mos, Schmidt & Haensch, Fedegari, Trance Analytics, LabTech, CDR Foodlab, Ebro, Picosun, Motic, Julabo, LAUDA, Don Whitley Scientific, Cole Parmer, Giorgio Bormac, Haier Biomedical, Greiner, Lovibond, asecos, Vacuubrand, Memmert, Labcon, BestScope, RADWAG, Gilson, Norgen Biotech, Seal Analytical, Rocklabs, Tescan, Katanax, Nu Instruments, Horiba, Rigaku, Applied Rigaku, Giorgio Bormac, GBC, Eralytics, Newport, Toni Technik, Haver & Boecker, Berghof, Nanosurf, SLEE, ASI, Espec, Nittoseiko, Scanivi, RTec Analytical, Iludest i-Fischeer, Olympus / Evident, Velp, A&D, AMETEK Brookfield, METHER BIOMEDICAL. ABE, BWB, Greyhound chromatography, GIC, Hach Orbisphere, Hach, Horiba/mantech, Interpast, Membrapure, MLE, Scientific, Sykam, Thermo, BELEC, GEOTEK, Portable PPB, Analytik Jena, Stable Micro Systems, Fluxana, Thermo Fisher Scientific, NCS Germany, PAC, BUCHI, HETTICH, Elga, INTEGRA, Miele, FMH, VWR MICROSCOPES, Fisherbrand, KNF, FRITSCH, Metic Lab, Erlab, Labocool fridge, NOVASINA, Orion, Berthold Technologies GmbH, 3DHISTECH, Andor, Datexim, Genea Biomedx, Heal Force, Hamilton Thorne, Ilsa, Meling, Narishige, Nikon, PG Instruments, ARCO.